Profound Fascination
Site-specific metal sculpture
Zentrum Paul Klee, Bern (CH)

This sculpture was made for the exhibition "Dragged Down Into Lowercase". A concept devised by curator Clémentine Deliss and artist Oscar Tuazon. It got presented in an outdoor exhibition space designed by Oscar Tuazon: a triangular 1m excavated structure including a 3m high wall, built from local timber cut into boards by UK artists Heather and Ivan Morison. Profound Fascination is a 1m exposed entrance to down under.
Due to the concept of the show "Dragged Down Into Lowercase" and the conditions in which the work got shown this structure becomes difficult to enter.

"...In parallel, certain artworks and theoretical positions dig below the surface typologies and hierarchies of human interaction to expose the foundation for survival as the nurturing of conceptual and existential emancipation. Philippe Van Wolputte’s bunker-like cavity is perhaps the most sinister of all the contributions. As an intervention into Tuazon’s excavation, it appears to keep striving to retrieve something from where it cannot be found, pulling the observer into the rusty hole, deep into what..."

For a video walk: Click here