born 1982, Antwerp, Belgium


2007 - 2009 Residency at Rijksacademie, Amsterdam (NL)
2002 - 2006 MFA , Open Atelier at Sint Lucas, Antwerp (BE)


2021 Keteleer Gallery, Antwerp (BE), One Thing Leads To Another
2019 SECONDroom, Antwerp (BE), Up
2019 Gallery Gallery, Antwerp, It Takes One To Know One
2018 Keteleer Gallery, Antwerp, Tactical Transparency
2017 LLS382, Antwerp (BE), Linked Surfaces
2017 Levy Delval, Brussels (BE), Temporary Penetrable Exhibition Spaces
2015 MuHKa, Antwerp(BE), Temporary Penetrable Exhibition Spaces: Behind The Lines
2015 Be-Part, Waregem (BE), Fade-Outs
2015 Bruthaus, Waregem (BE), Fade-Outs2014 Elaine Levy Project, Brussels (BE), Misfits
2014 Elaine Levy Projects, Solo Booth, Art Rotterdam (NL), Misfits
2012 Elaine Levy Project, Brussels (BE), Inside, Outside, Downside
2010 Chert Gallery, Berlin (D), We Did It / Disputed Territory
2009 Wilfried Lentz, Rotterdam (NL), T.P.E.S. 01/02/03/04
2008 Wilfried Lentz, Rotterdam (NL), Temporary Penetrable Exhibition Space 04


2021 M HKA, Antwerp (BE), Lippenstift en gasmaskers,
2021 WPZimmer, Antwerp (BE), Topos 2: How To Be Together
2019 Anthology Film Archives, New York, No Narratives - video screening Gagarin
2018 Motel spatie, Arnhem (NL) Beeldenpark Presikhaaf
2018 New Internation Culture Center (NICC), Antwerp (BE), 20 years NICC
2017 CAB, Brussels (BE), Perpetual Construction
2016 Kumu Kunstimuuseum, Tallinn (EST), Terra Incognit, curated by Kirke Kangro
2016 Pavillon de l'Arsenal, Paris (FR),Vestiges Architecturaux & Vandalisme, Partie II: Non-Lieu
2016 Volume, Paris (FR), Vestiges Architecturaux & Vandalisme Partie I, curated by Punto de Fuga
2016 Cardrde Gallery, Bologna (ITA), Neighbours, curated by Manor Grunewald
2016 Z33, Hasselt (BE), Cinemaximiliaan, curated by Agata Jastrząbek
2016 Citadel'arte, Diest (BE), Zone
2016 Firma, Vilvoorde (BE), En Flamme, curated by Nathalie Vanheule
2016 CC252 Ekeren (BE), The Black Hole, curated by Cakehouse
2016 Cultureel Centrum, Maasmechelen (BE), Ten Dans, curated by Lieven Segers
2015 Dialect Kunstverein, Stuttgart (D), Days End, curated by Thorsten Neumann
2015 Florence Loewy Gallery, Paris (FR), Material, curated by Erik van der Weijde
2015 Komplot, Brussel (BE), Anger Management, curated by Benjamin Jaubert
2015 Riot Gallery, Ghent (BE), The Edition Show, curated by Jurgen Maelfeyt
2014 Kunsthal Extra City (BE), Le Canal
2014 Espace 251 Nord, Liège (BE), Le Canal
2014 Croxhapox, Ghent (BE), CROX 458-467
2014 Bruthaus, Waregem (BE), Versus
2014 252CC, Ekeren(BE), Pre_sent
2014 WMSS, Rotterdam (NL), Wo Meine Sonne Scheint
2014 Factor 44, Antwerp (BE), Nema Tog Podruma
2013 Palais des Beaux-Arts BOZAR, Brussels (BE), Young Belgian Art Prize - Jeune Peinture
2013 Savvy Contemporary, Berlin (D), Perpetual Travellers
2013 Biennale di Penne, (ITA), Playscapes/Workscapes/Innerscapes
2013 Komplot, Brussels (BE), Black & Vases
2013 Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen, Haarlem (NL), Open City
2012 Raumexperimente, Berlin (D), Performing Politics - The World is Not Fair – The Great World's Fair
2012 Fragmental Museum, Elaine Levy Projects in NYC (NYC)
2012 Error One, Lost & Found, Antwerp (BE)
2012 Art Brussel, Brussels (BE), Art in the City
2012 Kunsthall Rotterdam, Showroom Mama, The Kids Are Allright, Rotterdam (NL)
2011Vrijstaat O. Freestate II, Oostende (BE), Splendid Isolation
2010 Chert Gallery, Berlin (D), Drinnen & Draussen
2010 Klemm's Gallery, Berlin (D), Zero Budget Biennial,
2010 Pianissimo Gallery, Milan (ITA), Zero Budget Biennial
2010 Rokeby Gallery, London (UK), Zero Budget Biennial
2010 Liste 15, Performance Project, Basel, (CH)
2010 Expodium, Utrecht (NL), Malleability Revisited: The Need for New Strategies
2010 Open Space Baltimore, Maryland (VS), Liberty B
2010 Parallax Space - Drift Station Gallery, Nebraska (VS), Instructions for Initial Conditions
2010 Attitude Festival, Komplot / CCPA Elementi, (MA)
2010 Komplot, Brussels (BE), Nothing Political
2010 Bat10 Beeldenroute Anti-Tankgracht, Antwerp (BE)
2010 (Im)possibilites, Urban Festival 10, Zagreb (HR)
2009 Middelheim Museum, Antwerpen (BE), Exhibition in a Machbox
2009 Wilfried Lentz, Rotterdam (NL), Not Created By Human A Hand
2009 Truth or Consequences Fim Festival 2009, New Mexico (VS)
2009 Galerie Carlos Cardenas & schleicher+lange, Paris (FR), Zero Budget Biennial
2009 Vienna International Apartment, Brussels (BE), Pleurer et Bonheur
2009 Sign Stichting, Groningen (NL), i.t.v. Noorderlicht Festival
2009 De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam (NL) The Last Session
2009 Fortezza da Basso, Florence (ITA), The Industrial Ones
2008 Zentrum Paul Klee, Bern (CH), Dragged Down Into Lowercase
2008 NICC, Antwerp (BE), A Bridge Too Far
2008 MuHKa, Antwerp (BE), A4 multiples
2008 YUM21C, Brussels (BE), Laugh Track - Brussels Biennial Off Program
2008 Labdo, Antwerp (BE), 3 Closed Conditions
2007 Objectif-Exhibitions, Antwerp (BE), Tipos Moviles
2007 Hessenhuis, Antwerp (BE), Virus
2006 MuHKa, Antwerp (BE), Academ:: Public Space as a Medium
2006 Showroom MAMA, Rotterdam (NL), Positioning System
2006 Vierkante Zaal, St.Niklaas (BE), Dots
2006 ELIA Conference, Ghent (BE), MAPS in Ghent
2006 Campus Congres, Antwerp (BE), Afstudeerprojecten
2006 Factor 44, Antwerp (BE), Jour Fixe April: The No Name Expo
2006 VZW Emma, Antwerp (BE), Kontra Filmfestival


2015 Vlaamse Overheid: Projectsubsidie (BE)
2009 Rijksacademie van beeldende kunsten / ministerie van OCW (NL)
2008 Sommerakademie. Zentrum Paul Klee, Bern (CH)
2008 Rijksacademie van beeldende kunsten / ministerie van OCW (NL)
2007 Vlaamse Overheid: Subsidiëring van Projecten Jeugdcultuur (BE)
2006 Vlaamse Overheid: Subsidiëring van Projecten Jeugdcultuur (BE)


2013 Young Belgian Art Prize - ING Belgium 2013


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